Download the foneFrame template

The foneFrame template builds mobile web pages for smartphones like Android and iPhone as well as tablets and computers. This free HTML5 template is the fastest way to jump start your mobile web projects. It’s easy to use, flexibile and extensible, and works with all your favorite dev tools.

The template has sample code that shows you how to embed Twitter updates, Google Maps, and Google Calendars into mobile web pages. It includes SEO hints, a collection of buttons & icons, and other shortcuts for web designers. The framework is hosted in the cloud, it’s free, and it is the fastest way to jump into HTML5 and CSS3 web development.

  download the foneFrame HTML5 template     (preview)

foneFrame screenshots
foneFrame screenshots   foneFrame screenshots

foneFrame screenshots   foneFrame screenshots

The Audrey Template:  (preview   download)

The Noir Template:  (preview   download)

The Alba Template:  (preview   download)

The Om Template:  (preview   download)

Creative Commons CC BY 3.0The basic foneFrame elements (CSS, JPG, etc.) are hosted in the cloud for decreased latency and ease of use. foneFrame is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (CC BY 3.0) This means you are encouraged to share, edit, distribute, modify, mashup, and remix this template. All we ask is a link back to